Altru Family Medicine Residency


The American Board of Family Medicine In-Training Examination is a cognitive examination given annually on the last week of October.  All residents are released from other responsibilities in order to be present for the examination.  The examinations are scored by the Board and the results reported to the Program Director.

The In-Training Examination is similar in emphasis and format to the Certification Examination.  It consists of items written to test core knowledge and patient management skills in eight major areas:  Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Community Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Geriatrics and Gynecology.  Physicians who write the test items, as well as the members of the special committee who review them, include both practicing clinicians and teachers in Family Medicine residency programs.

The Program Director and faculty will review both current and past test results to determine if a resident is demonstrating improvement on successive year’s results and to ensure that a resident is ready for the Certification Examination at the end of his/her residency training.

As a consequence of the above, together with the Program's commitment to the ideal of life-long learning, the Program specifies the following:

  • Using the Bayesian score predictor provided with the In-training Examination, residents are expected to score at a level that is equal to or greater than 90.0% prediction is passing the certification exam.

  • Failure to score above this benchmark requires additional course work.

  • Residents scoring under this benchmark are required to complete the Core Content examination monthly (when available).  The test booklet and answer booklet will be provided to the resident prior to the examination time.  The exam will be held the first Wednesday of every available month at noon at the Family Medicine Residency Conference room.  If a resident is unable to attend at the scheduled time, he/she must make arrangements with the residency program coordinator to take the examination within a week of the scheduled time.

  • In addition, residents in their third year of post-graduate training scoring under the benchmark are also required to complete a board review course.  This is an independent study program.  The residency program will provide the board review course materials.  The resident may choose to use their CME money to attend a live Board Review course which would also satisfy the remediation requirement.
  • Residents will be notified via in person and through a signed letter if they are required to complete additional course work as described above.
  • If a resident in unable to be present for the In-Training Examination, he/she must receive permission from the Program prior to the date of the exam to be granted an excused absence.  Residents in the first two years of training, who were unable to take the exam and provided an excused absence, will be enrolled in the remediation program automatically for the academic year.  If a third year resident is unable to take the examination and has an excused absence, they will be provided the option to take the examination at a later date under the supervision of the program.  The examination will be hand scored by the Program and a Bayesian score predictor result will be provided to the resident.  If the resident scored 90.0% or above, they will not be required to complete a board review course.