Altru Family Medicine Residency


  • Conferences occur Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at the FMR clinic.
  • Topic matter reflects the needs of the program and residents.
  • Presenters include core/community faculty, residents, and outside presenters with subject matter relevant to the program and residents.
  • The fourth Tuesday of the month is "chief conference," followed by an afternoon of resident education.
  • Wednesday Altru hospital conference is available to all physicians, including residents.  Subject matter is determined by Altru's Education Committee.
  • Lunch is provided for all conferences sponsored by the residency program.  If the conference is cancelled, no meal is provided.  Altru provides lunch during the Wednesday Altru conference.
  • All faculty and resident lectures will be stored on this website ("presentations") for a period of three years (Effective July 1, 2014).